Increasing diversity in consultancy applications


Third Bridge were looking for bright and diverse student talent to join their fast-growing consultancy. They were interested in language skills and championing diversity as part of the process.


  • Third Bridge decided to take a multi-channel approach, starting with Bright Network FESTIVAL where 2,500+ students from our diverse network were exploring their career options. 

  • This was followed by a digital campaign, including targeted emails supported by calls to relevant members, such as those with the desired language skills. 

  • Finally, they worked with Bright Network to deep dive into the engagement and ROI of their campaigns, enabling them to optimise for future projects.


Key results


of hires were BAME students


of candidates were female


traceable hires, 8 with language skills

Third Bridge partnered with Bright Network because of their diverse and talented membership, as we looked to connect with hard to reach graduates to join our ambitious team, while continuing to build our inclusive and welcoming company culture
Mani Kumar
Global Head of Talent Acquisition
Citrix Hero