Discovering hard to reach talent - from awareness to successful hire


One of the UK’s best known regulatory bodies, with a cross-industry focus, was looking for an end-to-end solution to find bright and diverse talent from hard-to-reach groups. This was part of their efforts to increase awareness of their brand amongst students and graduates, and to champion diversity in their early talent hiring.


Here’s how we worked with this leading organisation to discover hard-to-reach and diverse talent for successful hires:

  • Creation of a bespoke campaign, combining targeted brand building, video interviews, essays and assessment centres

  • Focus on diversity, with applications from 55% state-educated and 48% black heritage students 

  • Evolving the partnership, as we extended to a 3-year plan to deliver across 7 pathways



Key results


Open rate on 22.5k hyper-targeted emails


Assessment centres designed and facilitated by Bright Network


Hires across 5 pathways delivered in our first year working with this organisation