Creating a bespoke digital campaign


Multinational energy company, SSE, aimed to attract new graduates that would not otherwise be aware of or actively applying for SSE’s 2020 graduate recruitment campaign. They worked with Bright Network on a bespoke digital campaign to improve brand awareness and to increase the number of candidates in their early talent pipeline, as well as to educate applicants about the recruitment process and the available opportunities at SSE.



Here’s how we worked with SSE on a bespoke digital campaign: 

  • Set up a digital brand awareness campaign across multiple traditionally hard to reach UK regions

  • Find targeted highly engaged members based on skillset, interests and our data-led indicators to ensure they’d be a great fit for SSE

  • Secure detailed analytics and campaign management to ensure applicants were nurtured from awareness through to full application



Key results


Profile and job views from interested members


Job views converted to click-throughs to employer's website


Female engagement across all SSE content in 21/22 campaign

This was our first year working with Bright Network and from the start the team listened carefully to our requirements.
The team built a tailored solution for us which helped support our 2020 Graduate Recruitment Campaign and highlighted our opportunities to students and graduates who may not have considered us otherwise
Hazel McAllister
Resourcing Consultant
Citrix Hero