What do graduates want? 2023/24

About this research

We're excited to launch our annual research report - What do graduates want? 2023/24.

In the report, you'll uncover the perspectives of over 14,000 Bright Network members as they share their critical insights to help you shape your graduate recruitment strategy this year. 

We outline how to tackle challenges around reneges, as well as the impact of the cost-of-living crisis, student confidence and more. 

Some key findings you'll discover in the report: 

  • Student confidence has risen dramatically to pre-pandemic levels and respondents are reporting that they feel prepared for their graduate career. Although, outside of their university studies, students want to learn and be upskilled in three key areas
  • The cost-of-living crisis is raising concerns for graduate career prospects, with students looking at other sectors due to salary and job security considerations. We reveal the three sectors impacted worst by the cost-of-living crisis

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What do graduates want? 23/24