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Bright Network's D&I Barometer

22 April, 2021

The D&I Barometer is a brand new initiative we've put together for HR professionals and recruitment leads across the UK. An ongoing challenge for organisations that champion diversity, inclusion and social mobility is understanding where, relative to peers, they are leading the way and in which areas there might be gaps.

Exacerbated by lockdown, it’s become increasingly challenging to benchmark which initiatives are really moving the dial on D&I and social mobility. Fewer face-to-face meetings and the virtualisation of events have also made it more difficult to share best practice within the HR community. This is compounded by the shifting landscape for job seekers. Bright Network, working in the early career space, conducted research with our 500,000+ members to better understand the current feeling amongst the student and recent graduate community.

For the short and mid-term, there is no doubt that HR departments will be finding innovative ways to engage job seekers and their graduate recruits. The D&I Barometer aims to level the current gaps in understanding by providing a practical guide as to where an organisation’s current initiatives place them and suggested actionable next steps.


You can take your complementary D&I Barometer here.


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