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A personal and data driven collaboration, helping you hire the very best graduate talent.

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End-to-end recruitment

Starting with your hiring goals and objectives, we create a tailored process which suits you. We’re able to connect your company directly with the most relevant candidates and manage the process all the way to hiring those that fit your company best.

Screening - applications, interviews & more

At Bright Network, our screening starts before your campaign even begins, as we continuously monitor our 600,000+ members, discovering their career aspirations and aptitude for different roles.

Our expert team works with you to understand what good looks like, helping us assess the candidates in your process. From CV and application screening to interviews and assessment centre design, we take the heavy lifting off you and allow you to focus on the key parts of the hiring process.

Fast-track and quick turnaround campaigns

Whether you’re short of high calibre applicants, facing a talent deficit or struggling to find regional talent, Bright Network can connect you to candidates from within our highly engaged 600,000+ members.

Bright Network’s fast-track service helps you find pre-screened hard to reach talent, directing our members to your application portal or facilitating parts of your recruitment process to meet your hiring needs.

Top tips
Insight days and events

From awareness and marketing events through to insight days to pipeline candidates, we ensure your events are impactful and effective touchpoints in your hiring process.

Our approach to event attraction means that you’ll always have relevant and engaged potential applicants in attendance.

Coaching exceptional potential

Our research found 86% of members have given up on an application for a job or internship during university, often because the process was too hard, too long or unclear. Throughout the application process, Bright Network is able to offer expert coaching for candidates in need of extra support, ensuring everyone can put their best foot forward.

Powerful insights from millions of data points


Data Insights

We'll help you find your perfect fit candidates through declared, behavioural and psychometric data points.

  • Granular segmentation across a wide range of attributes
  • Discover your ideal candidates to engage them with hyper-targeted communications
  • Leverage over 70 million data points across the network


Talent Tracker

The intuitive analytics tool providing insights on your campaigns, the recruitment landscape and sector specific analysis across student and recent graduate demographics and backgrounds.

  • Deep-dive analytics on engagement and campaigns
  • A demographic breakdown of graduates interacting with your roles to help shape your D&I strategy 
  • Real-time sector benchmarking against live or historical campaigns 
  • True ROI analysis for successful hires 

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Some of our talent selection partners

There’s a continued need to champion inclusivity and opportunity for all, regardless of background. These are values that EY and Bright Network share.
James Gordanifar
Head of Students Recruitment, EY
We were delighted to meet some amazing talent and are so excited to progress with some stand-out candidates.
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