The Tech She Can Charter

Champions in female inclusivity

Bright Network is delighted to announce its partnership with The Tech She Can Charter.

The Tech She Can Charter is a commitment by organisations to work together to increase the number of women working in technology roles in the UK. It aims to tackle the root cause of the problem at a societal level by inspiring and educating young girls and women to get into tech careers and sharing best practice across the organisations involved.

The Tech She Can Charter runs free tech lessons designed to be taught to both boys and girls in the classroom and at home. They aim to inspire more children, particularly girls, to see the possibilities that a career in technology can bring them. 

Working together

Bright Network and The Tech She Can Charter have partnered to improve female inclusivity within the tech sector.

We will be working together on a wide range of projects from live events to engaging and inspiring content, aiming to move the dial when it comes to female inclusivity in the world of technology.



More about The Tech She Can Charter

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