Society of The Year Awards 2024

25th January

About the event

Join us for our annual Society of the Year Awards event to support and celebrate societies across the country and to champion the hard work of our young future professionals. Employers have the opportunity to sponsor an award that aligns with their company’s values - including Diversity & Inclusion, Women’s Society and Innovation.

Sign up for Society of the Year Awards 2024 to:
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12th Knot, London

What to expect

Sponsor a Society of the Year Award and meet some of the UK’s leading societies and diverse young talent.

How to get involved

Email us for more information and to book your place.

Highlights from our Society of the Year Awards virtual event in 2022

society members
coveted accolade - Society of the Year

Sponsorship opportunities

1x President of the year

  • Hand president of the year award
  • Networking with attendees
  • Data on all attendees

10x Societies awards

  • Select 3 finalists
  • Networking with attendees
  • Data on all attendees

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