Future Lawyers

12th September

About the event

Connect with a diverse selection of some of the UK’s brightest law students that are looking to pursue a career in commercial law. Our partners will have the opportunity to engage with undergraduate students in their penultimate year to meet the next generation of commercial lawyers, build awareness of their brand to our student members, and find top talent for this year’s recruitment cycle.

Sign up for this virtual Future Lawyers event this year to:
- Share your company’s expertise
- Position yourself as a diversity champion
- Pipeline top graduates into your opportunities
women networking


What to expect

Advise and engage with 100+ top law students aspiring to work in the commercial law industry.

How to get involved

Email us for more information and to book your place.

Highlights from our last virtual Future Lawyers event in 2021

black heritage
state educated
first generation to attend university
received free school meals

Partner tiers

  • Premier
  • Gold


  • Broad scale brand raising within our network
  • Dedicated account manager to prepare you for the day


On the day:

  • Skill session
  • Keynote speech
  • Seat on panel discussion
  • Networking with attendees
  • Up to 10 delegates



  • Data on all attendees


  • Broad scale brand raising within our network
  • Dedicated account manager to prepare you for the day


On the day:

  • Seat on panel discussion
  • Networking with attendees
  • Up to 5 delegates



  • Data on all attendees

Previous Future Lawyers partners

Frequently asked questions

Where does the event take place?


Is this event virtual or in person?

This event is an online event.

What is the event format?

Most of our events take place in the afternoon and typically run from 12:00pm - 5:30pm, kicking off with a keynote followed by skills and panel sessions. All of our events include networking opportunities between members and employer partners - a great opportunity to highlight your brand and encourage our bright members to apply for your roles.

How many people can we bring?

Depends on the package you select.

Should we bring members of our graduate recruitment team?

We advise for your most enthusiastic colleagues to come and network with our members as we’ve found these types of representatives connect best with students, leading to a higher ROI. Previous  feedback demonstrates that members highly valued a mix of Graduate Recruitment representatives, those on a graduate scheme and senior leaders within the organisation to network with. 

Who usually sits on the panel?

We typically suggest a senior member of the firm attends the panel session as this is a unique opportunity for members to hear insights from organisation leaders. Our Bright Network members are from diverse backgrounds so we encourage you to take this into consideration when deciding on your panellist.

How are attendees selected?

Every attendee must submit an application. Depending on the event, attendees are screened based on several factors like graduation year, degree subject, relevant experience and sometimes demographics - particularly for our diversity-focused events. All applicants are also required to submit a statement expressing why they are interested in attending the event.

Will we get the attendees data after the event?

Yes, all employers will receive the name, contact details, degree subject, university and predicted grade of all attendees.

Which other employers attend this event?

In previous years employers like Linklaters, Covington and Hill Dickinson got involved.