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Interview with Jo Taylor at ThirtyThree, our Newsletter Competition winner!

6 December, 2023

Last quarter, we ran a competition in our monthly newsletters, and are excited to announce our winner: Jo Taylor at ThirtyThree! Congratulations Jo. If you're entering our newest competition in February 2024, click here

Jo wins a £250 voucher and chatted to Account Director Sam Abdollahian about the win...

Image of Jo Taylor Image of Sam Abdollahian

How do you plan to spend your £250 voucher?

Treating myself with something lovely for my house Have you won many competitions before? If so, what's your best win so far? I have to admit I was a little bit excited when I received the email. I have never won anything in my life! The closest I have got to winning anything is coming second place in a fancy dress competition when I was seven, when I dressed as little bo peep, and I lost out to Goldilocks! I was not impressed.

What book, podcast, show are you into at the moment?

The Brand Plan podcast of course. It features Thirty Three’s very own Marcus Body, they discuss everything employer brand related from killer questions to Measuring the unmeasurable.

If you were a superhero what would your power/s be?

Ooh, I think it would have to be either be able to fly or super strength.

If you were planning your dream holiday, where would you go and what would you be doing? 

Somewhere warm and sunny with a mixture of relaxing on a beach and high adrenaline adventure please.

You're stranded on a desert island, which 3 people would you have with you?

Oh gosh this is difficult, I feel like I should say my husband and kids, but not sure we would survive that long.

What is your biggest challenge in your working world at the moment?

Hmm.. I think we are all feeling the pinch financially at the moment, so trying to find better solutions for reduced budgets can be challenging, but also very rewarding at the same time. Trying to think of more innovative ways to make the clients budget work harder is a challenge but also a reward at the same time.

What industry event are you going to next and why are you looking forward to it?

Anything from Bright Network your events are also very informative and interesting.

What do you like best about working at ThirtyThree and why?

I love that I am constantly learning. I also have to say my clients are amazing, all unique and all have a different set of challenges which me and the rest of the Thirty Three team love to help them overcome. Plus I couldn’t do any of it without the amazing people at Thirty Three, all of which genuinely care and want to help get the best possible solution.

What advice would you give to our members thinking about a role as an Account Director?

Ask questions, be inquisitive and put your hand up to get involved in as much as possible to broaden your knowledge.


Thanks so much to everyone who entered our competition last year. To enter our newest one in February 2024, click here