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Be curious: James Uffindell talks to Monocle Radio

16 August, 2019

Our CEO and founder James Uffindell talked to Monocle 24 Radio recently about how and why he started Bright Network. Featuring on the weekly Entrepreneurs podcast, James chatted with presenter Daniel Bach about graduate recruitment, employee retention and his own development as a business leader.

He described how he started his first venture, helping prospective students secure a place at Oxford and Cambridge. He later realised that he could help the same people find a role to match their skills.

James goes onto say that – following his own experiences – he’s particularly keen to help and support young people who may not have family connections, parents with relevant experience they can pass on or access to good careers advice.

James’s key advice for graduates is to be curious and discover what they love doing. And his key advice for fellow business leaders? Everyone hates to be micro-managed!