Finding hard-to-reach early talent through a data-led recruitment strategy

25th March

Why watch?

At this event we shared how leading employers connect research, tailored messages, segmentation and hyper-targeted communications to achieve meaningful engagement with hard-to-reach and diverse talent.

The cornerstone of their approach was data. We showcased the exact steps that companies are taking, as well as demo the tools that they're using and share the research that informs their approach.

For talent acquisition professionals looking to hone and create authentic engagement with diverse and hard-to-reach talent - this event is not to be missed.


We covered:

  • How to use data-led technologies to attract hard-to-reach talent
  • How to achieve full transparency and visibility on your campaign performance
  • Bright Network members success stories



Marcus Simmons, Director at the London Apprenticeships



25th March, at 11am GMT


Online (Zoom)