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Bright Network launches event to support LGBT+ graduates

14 June, 2019

Bright Network has launched a new event to provide career advice, support and networking for its LGBT+ members and allies. Proud to B will bring together 60+ ambitious students to network with leading employers, and with each other.

Although employers are making progress towards inclusion in many areas, LGBT+ people still report difficulties in the workplace and increased discrimination, exclusion and barriers compared to other groups. Over a third of employees who identify as LGBT+ have hidden their identity at work for fear of discrimination, rising to 58% for those aged 18-24.

Bright Network’s own research – What do graduates want? – reveals evidence to suggest that the fear of discrimination or exclusion at work is affecting confidence. Only 54% LGBT+ members believe they can pursue any career path they wish. This is a lower confidence level than any other group – compared to 65% average, 59% who identify as having a disability and 75% from a BAME background.

There is evidence from this research that inclusivity initiatives have made a difference in confidence for other demographics – notably among BAME students. By launching this event Bright Network aims to shine a light on the LGBT+ community and provide a chance for it to receive the same level of support.

Proud to B represents a conscious effort to address the concerns of young LGBT+ people as they embark on their career journeys and to support leading employers in strengthening their diversity and outreach efforts.

It will be representative of the whole LGBT+ community and its allies, and will provide a safe, supportive environment to have an open dialogue about the LGBT+ experience at leading firms. Employers who support this event will be able to spotlight their inclusive initiatives, communities and work policies.

Taking place in central London in October it joins an extensive calendar of focused events, including Black Heritage Future Leaders, Women in Leadership and the flagship Bright Network FESTIVAL.