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Race, Diversity & Inclusion - your company and Black Lives Matter

The murder of George Floyd in May 2020 brought the conversation around systematic racism to the forefront of every HR professionals agenda. We saw companies beginning to take responsibility and align themselves with the Black Lives Matter movement in an attempt to drive much-needed change.

Our Illuminate live event brought together an incredible panel of speakers at the forefront of issues of race and equality to share insight into their knowledge and experiences. The aim of this event was to ignite conversation around privilege and our shared responsibility to tackle racism on an institutional level.

This report covers the key takeaways from this inspiring event and will offer HR professionals insight into:

  • Our exclusive research into how students from back heritage backgrounds feel about their job prospects
  • The responsibility of companies to implement internal initiatives
  • What championing equality really looks like
  • Using data to effect change

Panellists include: