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Bright Network and Deaf Unity announce partnership to support the deaf community

3 February, 2021

In the UK, many deaf students are considering abandoning their degrees due to lack of accessibility and related challenges – the result is education inequality and, of course, a waste of fees up to £9,250 a year. Bright Network is partnering with Deaf Unity to move the dial in this matter. Our partnership aims to continue supporting and giving advice to the deaf community and deaf Bright Network members, to help them land their dream jobs.

National Deaf Children’s Society undertook a survey asking deaf graduates about the support they received. Nearly half of them confirmed they are still waiting for support after their degrees began. The research showed:

  • 59% of students experienced delays of more than two months for the support to be in place
  • 28% waited six months or more to receive support

Deaf Unity ‘s mission is to unite the Deaf Community and be a pillar of support, unification and inspiration. They work across three key pillars - education, employment and wellbeing - to empower deaf people, celebrate achievements and share successes.

Anu Manthri, Business Development Director at Bright Network said: “We are delighted to announce our partnership with Deaf Unity, who share our commitment to giving deaf people the insights, support and advice to succeed in their dream jobs. Together we’ll be working in the creation of evergreen content to make sure we continue to support the deaf community.”

Abdi Gas, Founder of Deaf Unity said: “We are absolutely thrilled to have the support of Bright Network as our partner. We share a commitment to giving graduates and job seekers the best resources, research-driven insights and personalised advice to help them land their dream job. Deaf people should and will have access to this wealth of support through our partnership. Bright Network’s more than 400 leading partner employers, and rich career expertise, teamed with our reach and knowledge within the Deaf Community will provide deaf people with tools and connections previously unavailable to them. We’re very excited to be launching this collaboration.”


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