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Industry challenges
Our Action Learning Sets are designed for you to discuss the most pressing challenges in early talent recruitment with other leading employers. Hear advice and recommendations on topics including diversity & inclusion, social mobility, attraction, retention, and more.
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Hear from our members
Hear directly from our community of 800,000+ students and graduates as they join for panel discussions and share their experiences and insights in their early career.
Questions and answers
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Exclusive Q&A
Take the chance to ask our members your questions and get tailored answers for your organisation.
Action learning sets
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Solution-focused summaries
We’ll summarise the discussion in a digestible format, making it easy to share the outcomes with your team. We’re here to empower our partners with the necessary tools to innovate their early talent recruitment strategy.
“The session was great - the panellists were so open and honest and I really appreciated hearing from them.”
Bank of America
"I found the session really informative and felt it could have easily gone on for longer as there was so much useful content."
"It was great to hear real graduates' views in the panel discussion. Sometimes due to the volume of applicants, recruiters don't get to hear an individual's views and feedback on recruitment processes."
TJX Europe

Frequently asked questions

Why should I take part in the Action Learning Sets?
The Action Learning Sets are designed with you in mind. We’ll take you through sessions that focus on the most pressing challenges in early talent recruitment. We join employers and members together to have solution-focused conversations, with a unique opportunity to ask one-on-one questions with the brightest students and recent graduates.
Who has access to the sessions?
The sessions are accessible to our 300+ client network employers and partners. The sessions are usually around 50 employer attendees, to ensure every attendee has a chance to share their ideas and questions, particularly in the breakout sessions.
How long are the sessions?
Each session lasts for one hour.
What is the structure of each Action Learning Set?
The session will begin with a short introduction of our Bright Network team that are leading the session, as well as some context to the given discussion topic.

You’ll hear from our member panel who will share their experiences and backgrounds through guided questions, with time at the end of the discussion for a Q&A.
Who is involved in the Action Learning Sets?
The sessions are led by our Bright Network team, and are joined by employer attendees from early talent backgrounds in varying industries.

Around 3-4 of our 700,000+ member community join us for engaging panel discussions on a dedicated early talent topic. The members share their experiences, preferences and recommendations on topics from social mobility, to diversity and inclusion. The conversations are free flowing, and attendees are encouraged to ask any questions they may have.

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