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Our Platform Partnerships function operates as an RPO solution for you to manage the talent selection and screening process, and deliver a set number of high quality hires. 

We go deeper than a student’s degree discipline, CV or university. Our community of over 800,000 members and sophisticated proprietary technology platforms enable us to drive high calibre, engaged and diverse talent to our clients - irrespective of their sector or job function. 


Employer Branding
With your hiring goals and objectives in mind, we’ll create tailored messaging that resonates with your most relevant candidates. Convey your organisation’s culture through video and image content, and utilise candidate success stories to inspire your new applicants.
WiTEC Feb 2022
Marketing & Attraction
Using our network of over 800,000 members and millions of data points, we capture the behavioural and psychometric indicators to enable us to connect your company with the best graduates on the market.
Email campaigns
Application Process & Programme Design
Maximise candidate engagement by providing a tailored, seamless application experience. You can rely on us to source, screen and support on selection for an outstanding recruitment cycle and strong candidate journey.

Measure the success of the process with our data insights tool, as you track and record ROI in real time throughout the campaign.
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Screening & Selection
Our screening starts before your campaign even begins, as we continuously monitor 800,000+ members, discovering their career aspirations and aptitude for different roles.

Our expert team works with you to understand what good looks like, helping us assess the candidates in your process. From CV and application screening to interviews and assessment centre design, we take the heavy lifting off you and allow you to focus on the key parts of the hiring process.
“We were delighted to meet amazing talent and are so excited to progress with some stand-out candidates”
“It was such a pleasure to work with Bright Network to develop an innovative initiative to increase the pool of BME talent for Macquarie. Working as a team, our efforts led to a unique opportunity for a talented group of students and a diverse pool of talent for Macquarie - something that we may not have reached otherwise.”
Sally Gannon, Head of Graduate Recruitment, Macquarie

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