Principled Pragmatists: the truth about Gen Z in the workplace

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We’re thrilled to launch our latest research report - uncovering the truth about Gen Z in the workplace.

Accurately generalising a generation that spans over 15 years is redundant - stereotypes are unable to take into account the intricacies and differences in social norms and cultural context.

Our research from almost 4,000 UK students identifies the concerns, desires, and aspirations of the next generation as they move into the world of work.

In the report, you’ll uncover:

  • How the current climate impacts what Gen Z wants - is the cost of living driving higher than expected starting salaries?
  • Practical actions to support your next recruitment strategy - with insights on salary transparency, company authenticity, and flexible working.
  • How Gen Z’s values and expectations in the workplace differ to previous generations.
  • Best practice for engaging with and hiring the next generation of talent.

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