Increasing BAME applications and conversion


Macquarie wanted to pilot a bespoke solution to increase their engagement and brand awareness amongst BAME audience, and increase the conversion of this demographic through to offer.


  • Hyper-targeted digital activity to attract diverse applicants with a particular focus on female and black heritage.

  • Shortlist of perfect fit candidates through our CV screening and cognitive testing facilitated by Bright Network.

  • Lastly, we supported them in coaching best fit candidates with one-to-one coaching calls and regular webinars to the shortlist of candidates helping them have the best chance of success in the recruitment process.



Key results


Page impressions


Applications to the coaching programme

4 hires

4 BAME hires of which 3 were female

It was such a pleasure to partner with the Bright Network to develop an innovative initiative to increase the pool of BAME talent for Macquarie. It felt like we were on one team working towards a shared goal. We truly collaborated from start to finish, and our efforts led to a unique opportunity for a talented group of students, and a diverse pool of talent for Macquarie that we may not have reached otherwise.
Sally Gannon
Head of Graduate Recruitment
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