Discovering diverse and ambitious future lawyers


RPC were looking for bright and ambitious future lawyers from diverse backgrounds to join their Summer Scheme, with a longer-term view to filling their 2022 Training Contract with outstanding hires.


  • They took a multi-touch approach, attending diversity events such as Black Heritage Future Leaders.

  • They hosted a Premium Employers Profile on the Bright Network platform, supported by targeted digital promotion.

  • They as well worked alongside Bright Network to discover the true ROI of their activity, matching hires with our members.


Key results

20 out of 34

Summer Scheme participants were from Bright Network

7 out of 13

Summer Scheme participants accepted on their Training Contract were Bright Network members


places on the summer Scheme were bright Network members, including participants of Internship Experience UK

RPC have worked successfully with Bright Network for several years achieving collaborative results.
The success stories with our future trainees are really popular. The digital team also came up with creative ways we can engage with students
Ellinor Davey
Early Talent Lead, RPC