Bright Network Breaking Barriers VIP tour

20th October

Your live virtual VIP tour

Welcome to your live VIP tour of Bright Network Breaking Barriers. 

This event gives firms which are leading the conversation in diversity and inclusion an exclusive opportunity to meet with 100+ pre-screened members. 70% of members attending will come from a non-white background, as well as being in the first generation to go to university and those who received free school meals.

We’re offering you a chance to experience Breaking Barriers from a unique perspective.  On this live VIP tour, you’ll gain a first-hand understanding of just how leading firms showcase their opportunities and engage students with their internship or graduate programmes.

Through a mix of open networking, panel discussions, skills sessions and sector overviews, this diverse group of graduate talent are eager to explore the career opportunities they may have missed out on in the past 18 months and connect with employers that are championing diversity and inclusion. 

  • Date: 20th October 
  • Time: 13:15 - 13:45