Community Guidelines

We’re all bright people, in one place learning and sharing about the world of careers. We want to make sure that all that brightness really does pay off in the end, in a way that works for you. To make sure we all get along and to avoid any problems, this is our Community Policy to ensure things at Bright Network stay happy.

However, a little word of warning as inevitably sometimes we’ll get it wrong. We’re doing our best but when we do, please bear with us, and we’ll make every effort to put it down to experience and make sure that it doesn’t happen again.

Be helpful

Bright Network was set up to make sure we can help each other out by giving each member a bigger and stronger personal network and access to more advice and careers support than they had before joining. So at all times, please be thinking how you can help other members of the community and what information can you recommend, who do you know who could be useful for other members to get to know, and can you make anyone a cup of tea? (You may struggle with this one, although, you’re always welcome to come to Bright Network HQ and pop the kettle on).

Be respectful

Not to sound too hippy, but respect is rather important around here. If people want to shout and be nasty to each other then they need to go and do it somewhere else. If you see anyone being disrespectful to another member on this Website or at one of our events, let us know and we’ll get the naughty stick out.

Be professional

We’re a professional network that seeks to help bright people with their careers. Please act in a professional way at all times. But what does ‘professional’ mean? Well, not doing anything to cause people harm. In reality this means not doing anything that causes you, yourself or any organisation any kind of damage whatsoever. This means not damaging reputations by expressing views that may be negative, vindictive or unfriendly in anyway. Life is too short to be mean, so please don’t be.

And if you ever have a concern that you’d like to express, please contact the Bright Network team directly on and we’ll look into your grievance.

Terms of use

So, that’s pretty much it. For a more formal version of how we do things at Bright Network, you should look at our Terms of Use. If you’ve signed up to the site you’ve already agreed to follow them so thank you very much indeed.